hillcrest  seo   package

The Hillcrest SEO Package offers a hands-on approach to your Web content and includes the following services:


An extensive and expert review of your business Web site including html code and content will be performed and a report will be created with recommendations designed to improve your online profile.


We will work with you in order to learn more about your business and your target consumers. This process will be ongoing and the information gathered will help determine the best direction for your article.


Through research on the subject and consultation with you we will create a well written 500 word article that relates to your business. This article will be submitted to no less than 25 article submission sites and media outlets.


After our consultation and article research we will work with you in determining the 2 to 3 primary keywords that your business site should be optimized for.


Through the article submission and posting at media outlets backlinks will be created to your site. We will also pursue directories related to your business and region in order to create solid anchor tags for you.


The existing content at your business Web site will be edited to better reflect the primary keywords determined to be the best draw for your target consumer. We can perform this task through either direct access to your Web host server or consultation with your Webmaster. We will edit up to 10 pages of your business Web site as part of this service package.


After 30 days of Google Analytics information has been collected the content at your site will be assessed for relevancy and edited again in order to optimize it for your desired audience. This optimization will require a Google Analytics Account and tags placed on each page of your Web site. If you do not currently have a Google Analytics account we will create one for you at no additional charge.


It’s no secret that a huge percentage of consumer and client purchases begin with an online search. Creating a strong online profile for your business is a low cost high yield investment. We can help your business by giving it a more powerful Web presence.